Coaching – Spirituality

… and what makes me tick

Life is also there to perceive, to experience, to live in a completely different way.

I enjoy supporting and inspiring a wide variety of people in their development, their search, their processes of change and healing. In my first studies I focused on a training in client-centered interviewing.

Openness for what people can be about longings and resources, sense for the healing life force and wisdom in all of us

A broad horizon for life, what is possible in a human life in terms of experience, suffering and healing.

A wide range of professional activities in different branches. Many years of experience as a hospital and clinic chaplain and as a teacher of visual arts for children, adolescents and adults.

Versatile creativity, openness and joy of discovery, to go new ways, artist

A deep, trans-religious spirituality and connection with nature, with the creative force – in the stream of the formless creative, from which everything becomes, the life force, which is development into something new, mystic.

Silence is my home, it is the place where i come from. Silence is the place where emptiness is everything at the same time. Only silence enables listening, compassion, togetherness, understanding, peace, actually: life. Ultimately, I see my work as a contribution to peace.

Thinking, reflection and science are important to me and a beautiful art. During my studies, I had explored the possibilities of thinking skills with joy and intensity. When I had to choose between an academic path, studying art or music, I chose art, the creative, visual arts. Instead of repeating what I already knew, I was interested in continuing the path I had begun with other abilities that were equally inherent in me. This path led me deeply into art and music, and further into spirituality and therapeutic work.

Experiences abroad in different cultures, multilingual, “citizen of the world“

Education and training

  • Certified hypnotherapist NGH (National Guild of Hypnotist – world’s oldest and largest hypnosis association)
  • Hypnosis coach/therapist PR VSH (Association of Swiss Hypnotherapists, Palacios Relations)
  • Basic course in hypnosis, SIMH Dr. med. Christian Schwegler
  • Focusing Trainer/ Certified Focusing Professional TIFI (The International Focusing Institute, New York, USA)
  • Further training in various psychotherapeutic topics and methods
  • High school teacher for visual arts and history of religion, Haute Ecole pédagogique HEP, Lausanne
  • Visual arts, HEA Haute Ecole Spécialisée, Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Visuel ESAV, Geneva
  • Singing and voice training (CH, F, GB)
  • Solution-oriented pastoral care training LOS, Zurich
  • Clinical Pastoral Training CPT (Clinical Pastoral Training), CH and USA
  • Theologian VDM/ Reformed pastor, University of Bern