Where light spreads, darkness dies. Light is not born from darkness. Light is always already here.

Coaching – Spirituality

Support and accompaniement in

change, consciousness and healing processes






Barbara Hindenes

Transformation through CLARITY

We dare not talk about certain issues, experiences and feelings with others. Often it makes sense to turn to a person who is experienced in counseling life issues. Perhaps there is something you have not found words for or a way to deal with. Or you feel lost in a thicket. I help you sort out the individual threads so that a trace becomes visible, even a red or golden thread. 

Accompaniment and Support in change processes.
Together we find
a common thread:


  • You find liberation and get rid of unnecessary weight.
  • You discover the connection between your physical symptoms and your personal issues.
  • You will find clarity and certainty about how you would like to do something different or new in your life.
  • You experience a new access to yourself, your resources and your values.
  • You find your ways with your longing.
  • You learn a liberating way of dealing with illness or impairments, with fears, addictions, strong feelings, pain, crises, memories and imprints, with separations, being alone, farewells, death, and in general: with questions of life and meaning.
  • You take steps towards your very own meaning of life.
  • You have the courage to be yourself.

You feel that there is much more to you than your life currently shows? You would like to break out of an unsatisfactory situation, perhaps also a suffering, an insecurity? You would like to develop further, to realize a dream? I support you to be and live what you really are. Or you want to get to know yourself better, perhaps find more self-esteem and ability to implement and strengthen your competencies? Getting to know yourself on different levels and continuing your education is the very best investment you can make in your life. It is the most important thing you can do for yourself and others. Because the most important work is and remains the lived and implemented self-knowledge: “Know yourself”, said Socrates.

If you are motivated to openly engage with your subject, to get to the bottom of it, if you want to give yourself the opportunity for liberation, to blossom, then you have come to the right place. What it needs from you is: to engage in an open process with curiosity and commitment and to take the steps of the process yourself. I will pick you up where you are now and support you as a coach and companion.

Every change in a person’s life is ultimately the product of many processes running simultaneously. The conditions for the maturing process are different for each person and in different situations. I pick you up where you are and accompany and support you in your very own needs.

BONUS: I can give you exercises that you can use at home, with which your process can be addionally supported and accelerated.


Overwhelming. A great moment, a star hour. It was extremely powerful in its impact. A paradigm shift! I have never experienced anyone who had listened to me in such a focused and holistic way. Thank you for your full presence yesterday and asking questions that were and are continuing for me at this very moment. Actually, they are questions for me about my desires that can bring peace – and they were, they really are! Because the formulated wishes have been fulfilled at the same time and are noticeably effective, felt, sensed HERE. …From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your PRESENCE and BEING THERE.
Mrs. R., 65 years old, 2022

That was so wonderful. I didn’t expect that. I am very, very grateful to you.
Mr. H., 2022

I don’t know how much I can thank you, you did an incredible job. I have never experienced anything like it, I feel so liberated, even after several weeks.
Mrs. S., 68 years old, 2022


My problems were very manifold and burdened my psyche, my health, my self-esteem in a very negative way. My zest for life, initiative, determination were also very much directed to the worse. I went into the care of Mrs. Hindenes and she enabled me to regulate my desire for alcohol, I was able to reduce my weight through (targeted) therapy, I was able to find my zest for life again through therapy. Furthermore, I was able to slowly overcome my constant feelings of guilt, so that I felt freer and more comfortable in my mental state. Life became more worth living and more valuable.
Mr. H., 2022

Excellent therapy. Have been to very many therapists and Ms. Hindenes is absolutely outstandingly good. I find her main working method “Focusing” enormously productive to work on my problems. Helps me a lot.
Mr. M, 23-year-old, 2021

You supported me in a deep life crisis. I learned a lot from you, and through your empathetic manner you were a great help to me. The conversations with you were always most important to me. Thanks to you, I felt really understood for the first time and learned to accept my feelings.
Mr. A., 31 years old, 2021

The two talks with you really set me up and also surprised me. I feel much better and will apply what I have learned.
Mr. N., 21-year-old, 2020

I want to thank you so much for everything, for all the hours that have been so good for me. It was always amazing what came out in one session.
Ms. C., 2020

You have told me words that no one has ever told me before. It gives me a whole new perspective. And I’ve talked to a lot of doctors, therapists and counselors.
Ms. K., 2020

I have found ground under my feet again. Everything had been too much for me. I thank you for that, that you were there at the right moment and took all the time.
Mrs. G., 2020

Thank you very much for the conversation yesterday. Your call and the conversation will remain in my memory for a long time….
Mr. W., 2020

A few weeks have already passed. I have very good memories of the conversation with you. Thank you very much for the conversation, your fine feeling, for the space you gave me…. My ship of life is sailing on rough seas….
Fr. U., 2019

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you! For the important exchange and all the deep conversations. Thank you for your calmness that you brought to every visit.
Ms. D., 2019

Thank you so much for your support. I really enjoyed the conversations with you – it really helped me move forward. I am going home strengthened and with good courage.
Fr. S., 65-year-old, 2019

You had agreed to have a joint conversation with my husband. This helped to bring more clarity into our relationship. Since then, we have been able to clear up many things. We have found each other anew. I am very glad, grateful and happy about this. My health has also improved as a result. I have been well again for a few weeks. I often think back to the conversations and meetings with you. You have been a great help to me and have given me courage and shown me strategies to face fear constructively and to give room to faith and hope. For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Mrs. H., 66-year-old, 2019

Thank you so much for your valuable help and support. You were there at a moment when I didn’t know what to do and almost gave up on life. You helped me to find more to myself.
Mr. P., 2019

We thank you for many a good thought and valuable conversation.
Ms. I., 2019

Despite all the anguish in my soul, the three and a half months were enormously rewarding. And that is due in particular to you. You were the most important person to me during this time. At your side, I actually had something like a redemption experience. This would never have happened if you had only read from the Good News and given me pastoral good advice. You have done something completely different and have thus brought about a true miracle… I did not find healing with you either, but I did find a fair amount of salvation, especially reconciliation. On the other hand, you have also put me through a lot, and I thank you very much for that. I mean your straightforwardness towards me. I like clear words, honest authentic language, all forms of glossy, soft-wash salbadere is repugnant to me. I appreciated your sincerity.
Mr. R., 53-year-old, 2018

I was able to experience an extremely competent, emphatic, sensitive and profound accompaniment from you. It was extremely valuable for me as a spiritual accompaniment and helpful for mourning work (with a mourning ritual). Thank you very much for everything!
Ms. R., 35-years-old, 2018

Through you I have learned to pray again. Prayer gives me strength and confidence. I can better deal with health problems and also with the fact that old age brings renunciation and loss. In gratitude and dear memory.
Mrs. A. , 73-year-old, 2018

I was in counseling with you. That did me good. I’ve been back at work for a month. Looking back, I am almost glad to have experienced exhaustion depression. I have incorporated my experiences into my work and notice how this brings me closer to people. Many thanks! The pastoral conversations with you were precious water in the desert for me. You are doing a great job!
Mr. M. 44-year-old, 2018

Thank you so much for your care, for your help spiritually, it is a gift that I received, the release of my pain that I carried for years. I feel free.
Mrs. M., 55 years old, 2018

A little over a year ago I had my biggest life crisis. You accompanied me during this difficult time and helped me back on the right path with a lot of sensitivity and encouraging words. With a lot of patience and countless conversations, I found my way back into the world of life and work. On December 1, I started a new job with a company, which will give me additional self-confidence and a boost for the future. I felt the need to say THANK YOU again on this way.
Mr. P., 2018

Your guidance was unique. I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart. I would never have expected this.
Mrs. I., 65 years old, 2018

Just meeting you was worth coming to M. It is a great need for me to thank you very much for your willingness to talk and your sensitivity, your listening and understanding, for the healing ritual given in particular. You were for me in this lean period vital bread and water, a ray of hope, a great gift! What I was allowed to experience in and from the personal ritual is indescribable – unique. – I feel from this spiritual nourishment much strength for the inner and outer Way of St. James. In deep gratitude and solidarity.
Ms. H., 67 years old, 2017

For your companionship, your listening and the relaxing moments, especially the ritual, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. All the best to you, for your important work.
Ms. K., 2017

I do not want to omit to mention that I – as a nevertheless rather “head-controlled” man – felt above all also the wonderful conversations with the theologian Barbara Hindenes as a great contribution. This experience was unique for me. With her talks and explanations she managed to show me, to encourage me to search and to understand that the access to the “hidden sources of the spiritual world” can not only be a question of academic reflection & competence, but also a question of acceptance, that true relief & healing for a soul in distress, is ultimately a gift of “God” (or whatever we may understand by this one, great source) and this healing can only manifest itself through “Cross & Golgotha”! To ask for this healing and to be allowed to complain when this fails to happen is a privilege… This is my most precious gift that I was allowed to take with me.
Mr. J., 63-year-old, 2017

XY’s memorial service was beautiful. Thank you so much!
Ms. A., 2017

Your conversations, your counseling, your warm and loving companionship helped me a lot. Thank you very much!
Mrs. B., 2017

It’s a pity that we can’t see each other anymore, talk together, be silent. I really appreciated the hours with you, your sensitive, human way. It remains for me to say thank you.
Mrs. N., 2017

The company of you was the most important thing for me during this time. Through you I have found back a bit to myself. You gave me hope, which I had lost.
Mrs. T., 66-year-old, 2016

And then I have the following: The funeral of XY in G. was simply “super class”. Thank you very much!
Mr. E., 66-year-old, 2016

Thank you so much for such a beautifully arranged baptism service.
Mr. S, 2016

I was looking forward to the funeral with trepidation. Then I was so relieved, you couldn’t have done it better. A heavy weight has fallen from my heart. Thank you so much.
Mrs. K., 2015

Thank you so much for your kind visits. You have given me strength and confidence again.
Mrs. S., 2015

You have saved my life. Without you I would not be here anymore. I don’t even know how to thank you.
Mr. S., 2015

What luck that I could meet you after all that had happened. Your openness and warmth, the light you radiate, I felt fully understood and taken care of.
Mr. M. 2015


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